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What They're Saying
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I knew I wanted to meet someone special, but just hanging out with my old friends wasnt cutting it.  Robert W.


 I tried the personal ads and everything I could think of.  I met dopers and derelicts and more than my share of liars.  With these dinner parties its different.  These guys are great, and they arent just trying

to get me into bed.         David T.


I have tried the bar-scene and quite frankly it bores me.   Keith M.


Im not in a LTR yet, but until then, the restaurants we go to are outstanding, and I really enjoy the variety of new men I meet.  Not only would I not go to these restaurants on my own, I would certainly not have met these guys.  Brian J.


Since my lover of many years died last year, I have been rather isolated. I am really enjoying the monthly Out-n-About dinner parties.  They get me out of the house, and help me feel connected in an important way.    Steve E.


     I was the guy who kept saying, "That would never work for me".        I was so wrong!!!    Jacob M. 


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