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The Frog Myth
An Open Letter
How it works
What They're Saying
The Frog Myth
10 Reasons
Before You Go...

You gotta kiss a lot of frogs, to find a prince. Right?       Maybe not!

Where you gonna find Mr. Right? 

Among your friends? At church? At a bar or  dance club?
In the personal ads? 
In gay social  and service clubs? 
YES, in all those places. 
BUT  if you have tried all those places or want to increase your chances . . . 

. . . try a dining club???

10 Reasons to Consider
  1. You will not be standing around waiting for someone to notice you.
  2. You will be greeted and introduced to everyone when you arrive.
  3. Everyone there is single, gay, and available.
  4. These guys are seeking more than a one-night-stand.
  5. Everyone is there solo.  There is no group of friends to work around.
  6. The volume of the music allows for conversation.
  7. We are dining at one of St. Louis' finest restaurants, and making a few new friends.
  8. There is absolutely NO pressure. The conversation is easy and very relaxed.
  9. You have plenty of opportunity to get names and phone numbers, or call the office tomorrow and we will help you out.
  10. These men are regular guys, just as nice as you are. 

Now if you were kissing frogs in THIS
  pond, dont you agree that you'd be
  much more likely to find your prince

  Maybe it 's time YOU
  tried a different pond.