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Out-n-About, St. Louis! is a private dining club for single gay men. We are not a dating service or a matchmaker. Our members make their own matches, and date, or dont date, whom they choose. 


OnA brings together each month, guys who are single, gay and available, in the relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere of a small dinner party.  We believe that a small dinner party, of 6 or 8 men, is the ideal setting for meeting and getting to know lots of great guys, over time. This then is the secret to finding that special someone: meet and interact with a large number of quality guys regularly over time. We have tried bars, personal ads, etc. and found them all inadequate.  OnA is the  ALTERNATIVE. 



HOW DOES IT WORK?  Each month we divide the membership by six, and send each group of six to a very nice St. Louis Restaurant on a different night.  An Out-n-About host greets each man, and introduces everyone. Next month members are invited to another dinner party, with a different mix of guys, and from there nature takes it's course! 


HOW MUCH?  Less than the cost of dinner for two, an annual membership is $299, plus the cost of the food.  That comes out to less than $25 per month.



Internet Special 20% OFF!

For a limited time, you can purchase
an annual membership for just $239! 

You must ask for the Internet Special

when you sign sign up.


This offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice.