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Before You Go...
An Open Letter
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Before You Go...

At this point probably 95 of 100 men hesitate and begin to second-guess themselves.  Why?  Either they truly cannot afford the $300, or they are just not ready to take the next step. 


THE MONEY THING    We do not want you to spend your last dime on Out-n-About, St. Louis!  That would be unwise for you, and for us.  Keep in mind that the dues finance the advertising that brings great guys to Out-n-About.  It also insures a certain commitment to the process of finding someone special, plus dues assure that members are quality guys. But read on


PROCRASTINATION?   Perhaps you hesitate because well, maybe you could do it on your own.  Maybe you just havent tried all the other options yet.  Maybe you should just bookmark this page and come back later.  Maybe.  Hey, maybe Mr. Right will just walk out of the jungle, and knock on your door! 


THE ANSWER   Before I started Out-n-About, St. Louis! in April 2002, I spent a great deal of time trying to put myself in a place where I could meet single, gay men who wanted what I wanted.  I frequented the bars, and the baths. I volunteered and joined the organizations.  I even participated for a couple months in an organization that has an approach similar to Out-n-Abouts.  (It was even FREE, but the quality and commitment of the men involved was never certain.  Phone me.  I will gladly share the name of this group and others, and Ill even pay for the call!) Clearly, I was not eager to undertake founding a new organization, but now that I have, I am convinced that it is the right choice for many of us. 


Whatever is stopping you, before you choose to join OnA, we want you to be convinced that we offer something you can find nowhere else. When you have done that, and are content that we offer a unique and effective model, you owe it to yourself to return to Out-n-About and invest the 67 per day (less with a discount) in your future happiness. 


Phone today, toll free, and lets start the process for you.  1-866-330-3597