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An Open Letter
An Open Letter
Before You Go...

                Are you ready?


Often once we have a decent job, a home, friends, and a place in the community, we begin to realize that something is missing.  Relationship.  Isnt that what we all want? If not now, at least eventually?  Sex of course, but so much more.  Someone to share our love, and our life and all that means.  Hooking up is easy, but finding that special someone is not.  Enter, Out-n-About, St. Louis!

We have tried hanging out with friends, the bar-scene, classified ads, and the Internet.  What makes it even more difficult is that many of the guys we find out there are not where we are.  They may be at a different stage in life.  Some are not emotionally available or even truthful.  Others are not single or are consumed with the need to pay this months bills. Some have gotten lost in the world of alcohol or other drugs.  Once you navigate that minefield, then you can begin searching for someone with whom you have the right chemistry.  It is no surprise, if you think about it, that this is made even more difficult by an environment that encourages over-indulgence or lying (playing a role).

We came to believe that the best way to find that special someone is to associate with men who are established and comfortable with themselves.  Guys who want what we want.  Guys that we come to know as people, over a period of time.  Searching for Mr. Right, in a target rich environment, is more likely to yield what we seek.  We also believe that getting to know someone is about conversation, so we began considering the best setting to encourage this.  We chose small monthly dinner parties (6 to 8 guys).  The setting, away from friends, encourages easy conversation in a non-threatening environment.  A private membership group with dues, insures a certain commitment to the process, plus dues assure that members are probably employed and responsible.  Dues also provide the necessary funds to find these special guys through advertising.  Our hope is to establish the ideal situation, and when we think of a better way to encourage this goal, we will incorporate it.  At present, we are the only group in town with the goal to bring men together in mutually satisfying committed relationships.  If that is what you want too, welcome aboard.